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Murter – new charter base and sailing possibilities

We landed in the Murter island is really very extra ordinary place for enjoyment especially those who are love to enjoy the Catamaran is available in the island at affordable rate. It is really very nice experience to all. We are the luckiest to enjoy the various types of boat rides in this island.


Komati is islands which popular tourist hot spot almost all travellers are compulsory visit this hot spot and enjoy the Yachting service. We are taking various types of boats for sight see to all hot spots easier at affordable cost.

Sailing in Croatia


On the day 6th we are reached the popular island split is one of the most popular and historical place which gives more stunning experience to them. We are also enjoyed bar and clubs and enjoyed the night party.


It is very famous hot spot and amazing scenic location we are enjoy the Boat rental service and enjoy the time with my friends more. It is one of the most unforgettable moments in their by visiting this island. This is our last day of the trip so we spend more time in this island. We are enjoyed the trip lot and we are waiting the next upcoming holidays.

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